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Reconstruction Reading Review Ch 2&3

The questions and answers come directly from the History of US readings.
Either Northern Missionaries, or Northern African Americans were:
Feeling of Northerners, that southern military leaders were back in congress
Old Rail Splitter
Sat with children in newly opened schools
One of the countries that Southerners left for after civil war
Black codes, race riots, murder; not ______________
Seward's Folly
Johnson's first appointment from Lincoln
Southern discrimination laws
Democratic Gov, Senator & VP
Johnson was ________ stubborn!
This crop failed in 1865
Because Johnson was like a wall, he was ________.
Just looking at these upset many southerners
New Orleans riot was called this by General Sheridan
One reason to wear white, was to pretend to be ________.
Lincoln's political party
Johnson's home state
During Civil War, it was a _____ to teach slaves to read/write
Because Gen. Sheridan was at the New Orleans riot, he was a _____________.
Type of academies at West Point and Annapolis
Created by Congress to help freed slaves
Opened by Freedmen's Bureau
Johnson didn't ask for it, or listen to it.
Northerners felt that southern leaders were _______ because they left the Union
Terrorist group which burned churches and schools, wore white hoods to cover faces.
As a southerner in the Union, Johnson had this:
Northern _______ kept order in south
Most southern people did not know how to treat former slaves _______
Black codes gave southern leaders unlimited ______.