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Week 6 Vocabulary - Eng 117

Please ________ on your performance on the test and think about how you studied.
Please ______________ the reading and make notes to help you understand what the author is trying to say.
It is helpful to _____________ new vocabulary words and evaluate how they are used in a sentence.
Many English words __________ from Latin and early languages used in Europe more than 2,000 years ago.
The instructor asked the students to ___________ the two characters to analyze how they are different from each other.
If you failed all your classes last year, this year you may want to try a different __________.
Each student will ______________ their instructor and indicate if they thought the instructor was doing a good job.
Please ___________ to answer the questions after you complete the reading.
You do not include every _____________ in your summary, only mention the most important points.
While reading a difficult text, its helpful to annotate and underline to find possible evidence.