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science vocabulary

A tool used for measuring volume
The amount of space taken up by an object
Directions that scientists follow when doing investigations
Used to measure short distancees
What information you gather from your five sences
A piece of equipment that is used to transport test tubes
The variable that is manipulated
The unit of measurement used on a triple beam balance
A test to try to find an answer to a hypothesis
A piece of equipment that holds many test tubes
Follow rules, listen to the teacher, be careful around lab equipment
The variable that is measured or observd
A unit of measurment that measurs liquid voolume
Everything that remains the same during an experement
An observation that does inclued numbers
A set of directions that scientists follow if doing investigations
A tool used for measuring mass
A piece of equipment that cleans test tubes
An educated guess based on your observations
Stating facts based on your five scenes
Factors that can change in an experiment
Any possible answer to a question or problem
A possible explanation to an observation or an answer to a scientific question
What you think something is based on your observation
Part of the experiment that is not changed