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SCIENCE VOCAB ( no spaces in words)

The process of studying results and data to find patterns.
The facts, figures, and other evidence gather through observations.
An interpretation of an observation that is based on evidence or prior knowledge based on evidence about events that have already occurred.
A tool used for mass in kg and g.
What is step 2: information about the topic.
What is step 5: This is when you will make observations and record data.
To "make or create" an experiment.
What is step 6: When you use tables, graphs, or charts to draw a conclusion.
To think about and study data.
An opinion or judgment made after some thought and based on evidence.
A tool used for measuring volume in mL or L
A fair test driven by a hypothesis.
This written record is used by scientists to share the results of an experiment.
The one factor that a scientists changes to test a hypothesis during an experiment; The factor you are testing and purposely changing. In other words "I" the scientist change the variable.
All the factors and materials that remain the same during an experiment.
A statement or sentence that explains what you discovered in your experiment.
A skill that involves the use of one or more of the senses to gather information and collect data.
A possible answer to a question or problem.
What might happen in the new future.
The amount of space taken by an object.
Any factor that can change in an experiment.