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Romance and the Art of Courtly Love

Where did courtly love originate?
An example of a suffering a man feels (can't sleep)
What were the marriages like? (adjective that starts with "a")
What was belittled?
The society was _______ because women were taken advantaged of for their children and dowry.
Love between chivalry between nobility
Adjective that describes the RULES of the courtly love
"Love is reinforced by _______"
"First let _____ enter into your mind: every one of them can be won: you’ll win her, if you only set your snares”
Another word for knight
Women acted as the ____ and ____ to men. (make sure to include the word "and")
True love and passion were viewed as ______ by the church
Courtly love permanently changed the society's ______ of love
Higher rank
A man should practice chaste love instead of ____ love