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Spelling Test 9/30

The way your hair ______ (s) is so pretty
Can you draw me a ________ for my wall please?
The wedding was at the _________.
The gecko changed colour to ____________ with the tree.
It wont fit in my pocket. Can you please put it in your _________?
It will have to run fast to escape the ______________.
Watch out! that is hot! You will get a ___________.
Use a ruler to _____________ it properly.
This isn't straight - it has a _______ to it.
Maybe we will find __________ at the end of the rainbow.
Don't hit! You will __________ them!
The ________ was so caring and gentle with the sick baby.
I will use my wand to ________ this frog into a prince!
Don't sit on the balloon or it will _________.