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Themes of Geography

_____ have the ability to adapt & modify their environment. Also they depend on their environment.
Examples of _____ features are mountains, plateaus, bodies of water, climate
The movement of people who leave a country or region to go to another.
______ is 0 degrees latitude.
To act upon another.
An imaginary line that divides the Earth into the Eastern Hemisphere & the Western Hemisphere.
Grouping areas by what they have in common.
The study of Earth & the people who live on it.
_____ address is the latitude and longitude.
Examples of ____ features are people, culture, language, religion
An imaginary line that stretches west to east.
Where a place is in relation to another place.
____ has physical features & human features
The place where something can be found.
___ global address is 41N & 77 W
Coming to live permanently in a country.
_____ is the transportation of people, goods & ideas.
Specific place of the earth.
An imaginary line that stretches north to south.