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Mary Anning

For Mary's scientific contributions she did not always receive full
Where did her father take Mary and her brother to go fossil hunting
Mary died because of
She discovered the first
Mary became very popular in geological circles
What month was she born in
Mary struggled with
She was eleven when her father
Mary had such good knowlede of fossils she could almost recognize one
Where did Mary spend most of her time fossil hunting
Mary also discovered the belemnite fossils contain
Her family was very
What was her fathers job
When Mary's father died her family focused on building their
Mary and her family sold fossils to people around the
She found one of the first complete skeletons of a
Mary was a outsider to the scientific community because she was a
When Mary was 15 months old she survied being killed by
She discovered the first pterosaur outside of
How did Mary's dog, Tray, die