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Cell Project - Kiki

They move golgi vesicles,granules and organelles by using an "conveyer belt", they also look like a straws
It is the most outer ring of the animal cell
It transports things from the ER to the GOLGI BODY
The jelly-like substince that fills the cell besides the organelles
Its job is to synthesize proteins
It modifies proteins made by the cell
It is the main organization center of the MICROTUBULES
It stores food water and toxic wast.It also sounds like "vacuum"
It separates chromosome pairs during mid mitosis,it is only found in an animal cell
The mighty mighty _______________
It works to digest food and water within the cell
It uses energy from the sun in a process called photosynthesis to make sugar and it is what makes leafs green
Protects the hole cell but it is only found in a plant cell
It looks like a little ball that hangs out by the cell membrane
It is not an eukaryotic cell but it is a ____________ cell