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The centered white stripe is symbolic of peace and country unity, while the green stripes represents the fertile land
Longest lake and 2nd deepest in the world
The six gold stars are said to represent the original provinces of Congo, formerly Zaire
2nd longest river in Africa crosses the equator twice
Main river in western africa
World's largest hot desert
Range in northern Africa between the Mediterranean sea and the Sahara desert
Transition zone south of the Sahara separates sahara from tropical rainforest
Egypt has the largest Arabic Population in the world
The red, white and blue colors were taken from the colors of the Boer republics
The horizontal black, white, red, and green bands of the flag share the same design as the Kenyan flag
Large, dry (arid) sandy area in southern africa
Central African tropical rainforest is the 2nd largest in the world
Largest lake in Africa 2nd largest freshwater
Flows northward into the Mediterranean sea
Red symbolizes the blood they spilled fighting colonialism
Central african tropical rainforest is the 2nd largest in the world