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The Renaissance World

Teacher: Dittemore
You MUST know that the Sun, and NOT the Earth, is at the CENTER of the Universe.
This arrangement simply cannot continue ... we must cancel it.
Doesn't she captivate your very being ... this Lisa of mine.
So, this theory is quite unique in that it keeps me grounded.
There can be no better way to demonstrate my new theory of gravity than to drop this apple from the tree.
So what if I want to marry another -- what is that to you?
I tell you now that the Earth in fact revolves around the Sun, NOT the other way 'round.
I say that these 95 theses will literally change the face of Religion for years to come.
I am a financial supporter of the Arts ... therefore, I am a _______.
I take BACK everything I said about you earlier.
So, I am the proud son of my father -- we both are truly patrons of the Arts ... and, much more.
I am either a Saint or I am a Sinner -- no in-between!
The images in the very back look sooooo small because they are contrasted with those in the front of my painting which appear very LARGE.
The most important part of this particular way of looking at things is that I get to rule by Religion.
I have written some 300+ sonnets for the Lady that I love.
Let me emphasize that the "ends justify the means."
This dispensation allows me less time in Purgatory. I can use ALL of that I can get.
Can be no doubt about it ... this theory puts us at the center of attention.
My new religion is a testament to my last name -- they are very close in spelling.
I am the German Leonardo