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Paul Ehrlich

Many experiments to confirm results
Arsphenamine or compound 606
Branch of medicine concerned with the study, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases related to blood
Micro-organism with the potential to cause disease
His wifes name was _________
A synthetic compound used in the treatment of syphilis (compound 914)
The name of several diseases in vertebrates caused by parasitic protozoan trypanosomes
He won the noble prize for finding out how immunity fights _____
A stain used to selectively color dead tissues or cells
Scientists trained in the study of chemistry
The branch of medicine and biology concerned with immunity
Drugs that can either kill an infectious agent or inhibit it from spreading.
Paul Ehrlich discovered _______
An ideal therapeutic agent that would only killed the organism targeted
A theory proposed by Ehrlich to explain the immune response in living cells
A substance in the blood that destroys red blood cells and liberates hemoglobin
Highest scientific distinction won in 1908 with Ilya Mechinov
He was born in ______
A method of staining used to differentiate bacterial species into two large groups
Paul Ehrlich was a _______ scientist