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US Foreign Policy & Spanish-American War

Doctrine opposing further European colonization in Western Hemisphere
Bay that was site of US armies landing and future site of naval base and prison
Racist policy that the US is obligated to assist less advanced people
Commanded defeat of Spanish fleet in the Pacific
Resigned government office to join army at outset of war
Indiana senator promoting Imperialism
Guerrilla rebellion drew sympathy of US public and led to war.
Purchased from Spain for 20 million dollars
Warned against becoming entangled in European Wars
Exploded and sank in Havana harbor
Type of sensationalized, exaggerated journalism
Believed key to world power was a strong navy
Not taking sides in disputes
Trained in San Antonio and led by future President
Spanish, Carribean, possession ceded to the US.
Policy rejecting spheres of influence in China
US ship that made trip from west coast to cuba.
Survival of the fittest in modern society
Wrote letter critcizing the US president for weakness
Site of first US victory in war.
President during Spanish-American War
Improve society
Spanish, pacific island ceded to the US