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honors algebra ch.1-3

The result of multiplication
The result of division
Any positive integer larger than 1 whose only positive factors are itself and 1
The number of times the base appears in the product
Measure number's distance from 0 on the number line
Combination of umbers,variable, and operation symbols
Collection of objects or things
Two sets with no elements in common
Pair of numbers enclosed in parentheses and separated by a comma
any number that is the coordinate of a point on the real number line
Sign in which the value it takes on can vary
Set of ordered pairs in which no two different ordered pairs have the same first coordinate
diagrams, or pictures, that represent the union and intersection of sets
Any number that is not a prime number
Numbers that can be written as the ratio of two integers
Set with no members
Set of ordered pairs
Any whole number
the result of a subtraction problem.
The result of addition