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Cold Desert Biome Crossword Puzzle

What causes the pink patches on snow in the winter
Annual precipitation ranges from 15-__ cm. (word form of number)
Animals in this biome must be able to _____ to the extremely cold winters and very hot summers.
Common name of this plant: atriplex canescens
__________ _______ f these animals can range from 14-41 individuals per hectare.
Driest deserts on earth are the dry, cold deserts in _____.
Two states in the United States this is located at(____ and _____)
This reduces the quality of soil and reduces the amount of water in the desert system.
Threats include _______ species.
All fauna are burrowers except the ______.
one of the few deserts on the planet where the temperature often falls below freezing
The soil is heavy, silty, and _____.
This is used in gold mining that may poison wildlife.
What causes soil to be so porous that most of the salt is leached out?
Most kind of plant coverage (type of tree)
Also located in ____ desert
Have moderately ____ summers.