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Astronomy Puzzle 1

Astronomy Review
Which two planets are most alike
A cloud of dust and hydrogen gas in our solar system
Transfer of heat from the sun to the earth using electromagnetic waves
When a star is at its brightest
A star's actual brightness
The study of the properties of light that depend on wavelength
Exist within our Solar System
Measure of thermal energy, average kenetic energy of atoms, and can be taken in various units
Orbits between Mars and Jupiter
EMS waves with longer wavelength than visible light waves but shorter than radio waves
As the source of light moves away from us the light waves spread apart occurring less frequently therefore having a lower frequency
The process that produces the radiant energy of stars
The force most responsible for the formation of a star
The formation of our solar system
How the sun produces it energy
The formation of the universe
How a stars appears from Earth
Main-sequence star
Protects Earth's Atmospher
Transfer of Heat through matter by molecular activity (touching)