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Chemistry 100

Chapters 0-3 Review
The name for (K2S).
A _________ mindset for a person or company aims for an overlap of good pay, enjoyable career, and an awareness of the environment.
When regarding damage caused by pollutants - _________, length of time, and rate of breath all affect your exposure.
The third most abundant component of Earth's atmosphere (second to N2 and O2).
Gamma Rays have the _______ wavelengths (λ) on the EM spectrum. (Think Long/Short)
Ozone is an example of a _______ pollutant, because it forms through the reactions of other pollutants.
Ions are distinct from atoms in that they have a positive or negative ______.
Name for NaCl.
An ________ is two or more forms of the same element that differ in chemical structure and therefore their properties. (O2 and O3 are examples of this)
The electrons of an element that are in the outermost energy level.
Name of the compound (NH4C2H3O2).
Name of the Binary Compound (H2S).
An ______ compound contains a metal and a nonmetal.
Although depleting, the location of the Ozone layer is in the ________.
Name of the Binary Compound (S4N2).
Radio Waves have the _______ frequency (v) on the EM spectrum. (Think High/Low)
The main source of SOx pollutants are ________ power plants.
Binary Compounds, also called _______ compounds, are composed of a nonmetal and a nonmetal.
Some molecules, like Ozone (O3), have ________ bonds.
Name for compound (SnF2). (Roman Numerals are one letter)
CO2, SOx, NOx, PM, and VOC are all examples of _______ pollutants.
________ Bonds form when share one or more pairs of electrons.
One of the three forms of UV radiation - UVA, UVB, and UVC - which has the *highest* energy.