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Greek & Roman Review

Who was the first playwright to introduce employ painted scenery (to suggest a rural scene, for example), sometimes even changing scenery during the play.
Greek term - when actors interact with the chorus. These are (at least partially), sung or chanted
What Roman comedic playwright had all six of his plays survive?
Who was the most popular comic playwright in ancient Rome?
Who was the most popular DRAMATIC playwright in ancient Rome?
Greek term that means the exit song of the chorus after the last episode
Who built an empire that stretched from Greece all the way to India?
Who determined the five qualities of the tragic hero?
What type of play was a burlesque-style comedy, usually written to follow a playwright's trilogy of tragedies presented at the Dionysian festival in ancient Greece.
Who wrote OEDIPUS?
Greek term that means to present the tragedy's topic.
What Greek form of comedy was the primary Hellenistic theatrical form about the lives of ordinary citizens, which also inspired Roman comedy?
Greek term that means the entry chant of the chorus
Who was the first Roman playwright? (no space between first and last name)
Ancient Greek hymns sung and danced by a chorus of boys in honor of Dionysus
Means “to speak Greek or identify with the Greeks.”
What did Aristotle identify as the central purpose of theatre?
Who wrote MEDEA?
Greek term that means a choral ode in which the chorus may comment on or react to the preceding episode
Who wrote AGAMEMNON?