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Band Instruments

Highest brass instrument in the band
This is the lowest brass instrument in the band.
This instrument family uses many keys to change the pitches played on these instruments
This brass instrument has the largest range. It can play trumpet notes as well as tuba notes. It is round.
This instrument family uses a cup mouthpiece and vibrating lips to create tone
This instrument is the smaller cousin of a Euphonium
Newest instrument to the band, it's only 150 years old!
Smallest instrument in the band
This is a set of 4 kettle drums is also called this.
This instrument's name means "beautiful sound." It looks like a small tuba
Single reed instrument that you must cover holes to change notes
This low brass instrument does not have valves.
All instruments that are hit, scraped, or shaken to make sound are all in this instrument family.
Smallest Instrument of the Flute family
This is the percussionist's largest drum.