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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Reading for Fluency Review

When you are reading with the right phrasing some words will be squished ________.
When you are reading at the right rate it should sound like you are _______.
Don't forget to read this (!.,?)
Please don't read too ______ because it is hard to understand.
If you want to put emphasis on a word you can write it in __________, which means you make it darker.
When you are reading a _______ make sure you pause at the end of every line.
When you read a ? make your voice go up so it sounds like a _______.
When you see a word underlined be sure to ________ it.
When you are reading inside the _________ marks make sure to make it sound like the character is talking.
When you read a period you should _________ for a breath.
If you read too slow it gets ______.
When you are reading you need to put emphasis on some of the ______ because it sounds natural.