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Chapter 3 vocabulary

A type of school where students live at the school and are provided food and lodging
Piece of land set aside by the U.S. government for Native Americans to live on
Government by one ruler, such as a king or queen
Someone who turns an idea into a new business
Idea that America was meant to expand from coast to coast and was blessed by a higher power
Right of government to use private property for public use
Relating to health, cleanliness, disposal of garbage or waste
Translate or make a written copy of something
Flexible armor made of joined metal links
Flowing of two or more streams
Little bit of something divided among many people
Term Europeans used for North America in the early days of exploration
Buying and selling of goods
Authority based on the power of government
Having the same or similar meaning
Absorb into the prevailing culture
Relating to plants or plant life
An occupation