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New Louisiana Purchase-ASTEC

The second new trade route went to:
What US Representative was against the Indian Removal Act? Just last name.
What river did the first group go up to find Pueblo?
The first new trade route found in Colorado.
Area in Oklahoma where three rivers met.
This tribe also lived in Mississippi
The last name of Pierre and Auguste who were traders
The second federal fort built in Oklahoma was Fort__________?
The first federal fort in Oklahoma was Fort_______?
The second leading trader in the Three Forks Area.
This tribe lived in Florida
The second river that met at Three Forks
Fort Towson was built to protect what tribe?
Last name of the trader who got murdered by indians.
Definition: A group becoming part of another.
The third river that met at Three Forks
One of the three rivers that met at Three Forks.
This tribe lived in Mississippi.