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Spelling Words October 11

Name _____________________________________
A person who cooks
The repeating of a sound by the reflection of sound waves
One that steals
Any various officials , a officer in the court system
A musical instrument with a keyboard
Faith an accepting of something or someone as true or reliable without asking proof
Birds with scarlet wings very long neck and legs
A bold reckless criminal
Two wing type flies that have a needle like nose used to puncture the skin
A short oral or written test
A vent in the earths crust in which melted or hot rock come out of
A cutting instrument having two blades
An area to place object on
A contagious disease caused by a virus
The head of a group
The usually green pear shaped edible fruit
A group of workers
An official of the county who is in charge of enforcing the law
Small burrowing mammals whose body is protected by a hard bony shell
A oblong mass of bread
Large shaggy mane North American mammal
A flat rectangular block whose face is divided into two equal parts
Used for the emphasis or to show that the subject and object of the verb are the same
An outer garment extending from the waist to the ankle