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3rd grade SPELLING-10/3/201 6

Chose from the following:
try, once, took, boy.
(HOMONYMS: )  be, bee, buy, by, know, no, knows, nose, eye, hear, hear.  
(he,she, it) is aware of or familiar with a person, place, or information.
the part of your face that you use to smell and breathe.
at or in this place.
A flying insect with wings that makes honey.
Do the best you can.
Next to
One time; in the past.
Not at all.
(I, you, we, they) are aware of a person, place, or information.
An organ on your face that you see with.
A male child.
Listen to or get news and sounds through your ears.
Get something by paying money for it.
got; did; led
Exist; happen; come and go; stay; take up space.