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Spelling October 24

Name ________________________Date ________

School ____________________ Teacher ________
Bad morally wicked
Delete to cross out
Happening or coming unexpectedly
To laugh in a quiet way
To pound or beat
A former member of the armed services
Any breed of small hounds
A trace or a print or the remains of a plant or animal from the past preserved in earth or rock
A town on the outer skirt of the city
A school or class of very young children
Something that stands in the way of progress
A reactive element that is found in water, rocks, colorless tasteless, odorless
Having a flat even surface
A cause of dispute or complaint, an angry difference of opinion
Not married
Consisting of two members or parts
Relating to or characteristic of human beings
One that serves a pattern to be followed
A long light sled made without runners and curved at the front
Made of wood
To give knowledge or understanding
To move with urgency or panic
To journey from place to place
The part of the body between the chest and hips
To cut or work with and instrument