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5 Themes Geography

78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, and 1% other
Map that shows elevation
Shows Cardinal directions
Referred to as ecosystems
East of the Prime Meridan
Longest daylight, and warmest temperatures
Latitude, Atmospheric Circulation, Elevation, Ocean Currents, Continentality, and Landforms
Makes it different form its surroundings, (region)
Biosphere, Lithosphere Hydrosphere, and Atmosphere
Occurs twice a year when the Earths poles are not pointed towards or away from the sun
Lower heat capacity leads to more thermal radiation than water
Regions that are connected and function together
All forms of life on earth
1/2 of sun radiation reflected back into the atmosphere and 1/2 absorbed
This is an exact point on Earth
Shortest daylight, and coldest temperatures
Shortest place from one place to another
Increase in _____ causes a decrease in temperature