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explains symbols and colors on a map
Scale, Legend/Key, Compass Rose, etc.
created by the Earth's rotation, and the Oceans temperature
A sphere in earth composed of water
A line that runs from North to South, cross going East, to West you lose a day
Map that shows Rivers, Mountains, and Elevations
North of the Equator
lines that measure distance North or South of the equator and run from East to West on a map
A wind from the Southwest or South that brings heavy rainfall to southern Asia
Measure distance East or West of the Prime Meridian and run from North to South on a map
Also called Geosphere
cause by convection, push/plate sliding etc.
Universal time or GMT
Most variations on the world when it comes to seasons
(Region) that reflects human feelings
Region that receives small amount of sunlight every year
ex. Mountain Range or Plain
Causes less rain, and usually warm ocean temperatures in the Equatorial Pacific