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Art Elements Review Crossword



The main subject of an artwork is the ________ _____.
When values are arranged in order from light to dark.
Shapes that are freeform and nonspecific.
A tool used to show color relationships, usually in a circular format.
Orange, Green, Violet
Element of Art: When light hits an object and reflects light, it is seen as _____.
Red, Yellow, Blue
Green, Blue, Violet
Element of Art: The lightness or darkness of an object.
The 3D version of a circle.
Element of Art: The way something feels if touched, or the way it appears to feel.
Red, Yellow, Orange
The space that surrounds the main subject of an artwork is the ________ _____.
When a primary and secondary color that are next to each other on the color wheel are mixed (yellow-orange, yellow-green, etc.)
Shapes that are made specifically with tools and/or math (square, rectangle, etc.)
Element of Art: An object with 3 dimensions.
Element of Art: the emptiness around, between, or within an object.
_______ texture: The illusion of texture.
Element of Art: a moving point through space.
Element of Art: a closed in area of space.
______ Form: Something that is actually 3D.