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Psychology, Chapter 4

Name ____________________________________
The outer, visible part of the ear.
Sound waves are vibrations in the air that are processed by this system.
Perceptual interpretation of the frequency of sound.
Specialized cells that detect stimulus information and transmit it to sensory nerves and the brain.
A predisposition or readiness to perceive something in a particular way.
The process of organizing and interpreting sensory information so that it makes sense.
Irrelevant and competing stimuli.
Refers to the detection of information below the level of conscious awareness.
The process of receiving stimulus energies from the external environment and transforming those energies into neural energy.
Minimum amount of stimulus energy that a person can detect.
The process of focusing awareness on a narrowed aspect of the environment.
Carries the visual information to the brain for further processing.
The ability to perceive objects three-dimensionally.
Detection of chemical stimuli, perceived as smell and taste.
The receptor cells in the retina that are sensitive to light but not very useful for color vision.
Light sensitive surface that records electromagnetic energy and converts it to neural impulses for processing in the brain.
Clear membrane just in front of the eye
Detection of light, perceived as sight.
The amount of pressure the sound wave produces relative to a standard. Measured in decibels.
Detection of pressure, vibration, and movement. Perceived as touch, hearing and equilibrium.
A change in the responsiveness of the sensory system based on the average level of surrounding stimulation.
The act of focusing on a specific aspect of experience while ignoring others.
A tiny area in the center of the retina at which vision is at its best.
The receptor cells in the retina that allow for color perception.