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Music Terms - Magsig

Basic Music Concepts
Kettle drums
Scale of 1/2 steps
Note with 4 beats in 4/4 time
Written at end of piece (2 words)
Conductor's music with all parts
Music travels by these
Curved line over 2+ different notes
Person who plays drums/bells
Gradually faster
Accuracy of pitch
Smooth and connected
This note gets 1 beat in 3/4 time
F# and Gb, for example
Gradually louder
Sudden strong accent
Also known as F clef
"Darker" mode with lowered 3rd
Also known as G clef
Person who writes music
Sharp, flat, natural
Note in the center of the grand staff
This note gets 1 beat in 6/8 time
All playing the same part
Sharps or flats after the clef (2 words)
Sticks used to play bells
Very loud
A piano has 88 of these
Brass players do this through mouthpiece
Curved line connecting 2 of same note
Gradually slow down (abbrev.)