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Basic Music Concepts
The wall of Jerusalem is rebuilt
A prophet preaches against Ninevah a 2nd time
Contains a vision of dry bones coming to life
The temple is built
Love song celebrating love and marriage
Declares the wickedness of the Edomites
A book of laments after Jerusalem is attacked by Babylon
Instructions for Unclean Things
Ruth marries Boaz
Samson slayed an army with a jawbone
A collection of 150 songs
Satan attacks a righteous man by taking all he has
Battle of Jericho
Last OT Book; talks of Refiner's fire
A scribe named Ezra teaches people to obey
A shepherd preaches against injustice
Prophet encourages Israelites to finish rebuilding temple
A prophet, Micah, predicts Christ's birthplace
Burning Bush
40 years of Wilderness Wandering
A prophet has a vision of the LORD in his holy temple
Moses dies on Mt. Nebo
Prophet foretold that the Messiah would ride donkey, be betrayed, and crucified
Explores the meaning of life
Zephaniah prophesies judgment and restoration of Israel
Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were thrown in the fiery furnace
Habakkuk pleads with God to stop violence in Judah
David defeats Goliath
Solomon becomes the wisest king ever
A collection of wise sayings
A prophet warns King Zedekiah about Babylonian captivity
Esther becomes queen and saves her people
A disobedient prophet is swallowed by a great fish
A prophet is told to marry a prostitute
A plague of locusts is sent to judge Israel