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H Biology :D

Land, a large terrestrial region
Use the main energy source
Living tissue
Land,air, water
Result in a winner and a loser
The study on how living this interact with each other
Carbon cycle, nitrogen cycle, oxygen cycle, and phosphorus cycle.
The thing that's eaten
An animal that only eats plants
Measures mass, grams, or kilograms
A unique type of organism
A group of organisms of the SAME species that live in the SAME area
The step by step process of energy being passed or "eaten"
A living influence on a organism
Counts the numbers of individuals
The living community and the non-living environmental surroundings
Does the killing and eating
A non living influence on an organism
An animal that eats both plants and animals
Shows the amount if tropical level
Only organisms job or pole in the ecosystem.
Use the inorganic molecules too power chemical reaction
An organism that can use an energy source to make food.
Shows all amounts of energy available to each level
All the population,(living org.) live in the same area
A close living relationship between 2 species
A chemical needed for life