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Math Vocabulary

Has a 0 for the x-value
Any positive integer larger than 1 whose only positive factors are itself and 1
A notation for representing an interval as a pair of numbers
The set of values that satisfy a given equation
0ne of the four corresponding parts
Equations that have the same set of solutions
Any two real numbers the same distance from 0, but in opposite directions from 0 one the number line
Ordered pair with a 0 y-value
To find the answer to an inequality or an equation
A divisor
The distance the number is from 0 on the number line
A symbol especially x, y, or z, representing an unspecified member of a class of objects, numbers, etc.
A collection of relations among the variable X
Any two real numbers whose product is 1
The order in which you solve math problems (PEMDAS)
First number of the pair represents a distance along the x axis
An important tool for working inequalities and equations
Any number that is the coordinate of a point on the real number line
A diagram that exhibits a relationship, often functional, between two sets of numbers as a set of points having coordinates determined by the relationship
A collection of objects or things
Where the axis' intersect