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The people living on the land before the pioneers came.
Part of the leg of a turkey or chicken.
A jellied sauce made, sour, made from a certain berry.
Something passed down and done the same way for a very long time.
A dessert made from a large, orange squash. The same food used to make a Jack o' Lantern!
A sauce made to pour on meat and potatoes (and other foods).
The process of gather crops that have grown and are ready to eat.
A season of the year where the leaves change colour.
A food (normally meat) cooked in an oven over an open fire.
Flavour added to certain foods.
Members of the family outside of mom, dad, brother, sister.
A person who is the first to explore and live in a new country.
A celebration, a special day, normally work and school are cancelled.
A horn that is a symbol of plenty.
A forked bone. Broken by two people for good luck.
A mixture including bread used to stuff meat before cooking.
To be thankful.
A large bird traditionally eaten at certain holidays.
A large meal with many people.
Large vegetables that are ready to eat during the Fall.