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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Encontrar el español

Teacher: Lindsey Purdham
Runs fast
People who are still in school learning are called...
Plays the guitar
When you meet someone that you are pleased to meet you tend to say this when ending a conversations and preparing to leave.
Many NFL and NBA games are showcased in a __________
In school, you can write with these utensils.
Yes in Spanish is ______.
When someone is angry they most likely will _____.
On many dating sights many men and women write this about themselves
Many students are...
When teachers ask there students a question and they do not know the answer the students tend to say ________.
When people meet you they ask you what your name is.
Most people live in a _____.
Dogs, Cats, Bears, Monkeys, and Fish are _____.
When people have a celebration it is most likely a _____.
Means: talks a lot
When your parents leave the house, they tend to ask you to watch your siblings, or in other words..
The same height
Simon and George are related so that makes them...
Ice cream
You ask this question when asking someone how old they are.
You are this when you don't want to do anything...
Tennis, Baseball, Football, Soccer, and volleyball are ________.
After spending 12 hours on an assignment, it shows that you are very...
When something is fun, but not completely fun, it is ________.
Many families go to a church in a...
The word sing in Spanish is called ______.
No in Spanish is ______.