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Meduxnekeag Valley Nature Preserve

Trees produce this gas that all animals need to live.
This part of a tree has the same name as the back storage of your car.
These come in many different shapes and sizes, but they are what all trees start out as.
This happens to river banks over- time or if the trees are cut along them.
What type of bird sings "teacher teacher teacher"?
Plants make food using this process.
A rock pile in the forest indicates that a ____ was there before.
What do tree rings tell you about the tree?
Plants need five things to grow: Space, Nutrients, Water, Light and ____.
These amphibians breath through their skin. They are also likely to pee on you if you pick them up, so it's better to just look not touch.
The Meduxnekeag River flows into what river.
The maple leaf on the Canadian flag is what type of maple?
These types of tree that stays green all year round and have needles instead of leaves.
Some aboriginal people make baskets out of these trees.
What type of woodpecker makes oval shaped holes and is New Brunswick biggest woodpecker?
A pine cone is a seed from what type of tree?
The Meduxnekeag Valley Nature Preserve protects what type of hardwood forest?
This is another word for tree branch and also for your arm.
This part of the tree anchors it to the ground and gathers water.
Another word for an animal’s home.
Some aboriginal people make canoes out of the bark of these trees.
The light green needles on evergreen trees in the spring represent what type of growth?