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Spanish Crossword

The opposite of feliz is ___.
You put shoes on your ___.
What is the Spanish word for ginger hair?
You are in this class to learn a new ___.
You laugh at things that you think are ___.
Finish the song but in spanish; "Head, shoulders, knees, and ___. Knees, and ___."
What color does rojo and amarillo make when mixed together?
If you mix rojo and blanco together you make ___.
What is the formal way of saying lazy in Spanish?
When you smile you are usually___.
When you wake up in the morning for school you are usually ___.
When people get old they get ___ hair.
What word means slow or stupid in Spanish?
If you mix rojo and azul together you make ___.
What words means stomach in Spanish?
What are the Spanish words for more or less?
You are all ___ because you are not viejo.
The first color in the rainbow is___.
___ means to be.
If you mix amarillo and azul together you get ___.