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Nursery & Preschool

Things to know
_______ workers change diapers.
Preschool staff wear ________.
What kids follow?
______ your hand before speaking.
Where is the scheduled entered?
What do we give to parents monthly?
There are two different colors of these things you wear.
How do you know when you are supposed to serve?
_______ should pick up kids.
Notes sent weekly to those serving.
_______ may never take child alone to restroom.
Only adults can report this.
How early should you arrive? _______ minutes
Take __________ every service.
Who leads with the team leader?
_____ cannot take children to the restroom.
_______ Lisa if you can't serve or find a sub.
What is Lisa's role?
What do parents take with them?
____ in your seat.
_____ kindly to others.