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ESL 2 Early Chapters

Someone you take a course with
A scale of measurement
Money you give to the landlord to assure him that you won't harm the space you are renting.
Extra charge for not paying something on time
Set of rules
Communication containing information
A kind of truck used to carry large objects
Very cool or cold
Amount of money you pay to a landlord to be allowed to live in an apartment or house.
Person who is in charge of a rental property
When two people talk to each other they are having a -------
Describes something that is very bad
You carry this to protect you from the rain
Expression used to ask someone on the telephone to wait while you try to find the person they are calling
Able to be used or obtained
The first meal of the day
Made of cloth they cover your window
Contract which specifies the terms of your rental agreement
Gas and Electric
Take the place of
It's called this when the wind is blowing gently