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Mesopotamia Vocabulary

The practice of requiring people to pay for the running of the government
A wall that stands out from the surface of a building
A set of laws written down in a clear orderly way
A form of writing used in South Western Asia
A form of government in which the national government maintains power
A group that has certain level of importance
The sharing of large jobs
A military's activity to undertake one nation to weaken or destroy another
A rule or code of conduct a belief
A person that buys and sells goods for a living
A person who writes things for others
An army with full time soldiers
system of government which one person has complete control
Vast lands and varied people that come under control of a single government
A new way of doing things
To take over
A network of non elected government officials
A system of government in which a king or queen rule
A drawing or symbol to represent a word or an idea
A large division of a country that may not have the same rights to self government as the rest of the country
An offical order over made by a ruler