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Week 8 Vocabulary Test

To make things clear - to concentrate on one thing
The most important and often the first in a sequence
Someone who shows respect for and strongly believes in God
Not happy with something
To make or keep safe from danger
Decisions based on race or class rather than skill or talent
Someone who exchanges one or more items with another person
A surprise circumstance
Not caring - to treat without respect - also means to ignore
Government by the people - majority rules
Not seen before - not aware -strange
A very serious problem that needs your attention immediately
The condition of being very poor
Unable to achieve the final goal - a failure
A physical or mental condition that can make life more difficult
An unfavorable circumstance when compared to others
Stating something that absolutely must be done
An uneasy or trouble condition among people - often violent
To rely on, especially for comfort
Not feeling - not sure- anxious