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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Cell structure and its organelles!

The liquid portion of the cell outside of the nucleus
Giving off light under specific wavelengths
DNA spelled out (2 words)
The fluid that surrounds chromatin and nucleoli
These organelles capture sunlight and create chemical energy
The vacuole in plants provides pressure for support
Synthesize proteins (3 words)
Cell walls are made up of two nutrients. Name the nutrient that is not included
Organelles near the nucleus that organize cell division
A certain type of microscope to see cell structures and proteins
Two new cells are called "___" cells
Cytoplasm is made up of 70-90% of this
These help plants stand tall. (2 words)
ATP spelled out
The first cell was a slice of this.
A computer technique to see certain structures (2 words)
The thin flexible barrier (2 words)
The process of getting proteins through a cell membrane
Synthesizes carbs with protein
The term water loving
The process of cell division within the body
This holds RNA in the nucleus
An organelle that breaks down carbs, fats and proteins as well as attacks bacteria
Who was given credit for discovering the cell?