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Math Crossword Puzzle

Grandma makes 8 batches of cookies each batch contains 8 cookies how many cookies are there.
What is 20 times 3
What is a right angle
How many pennies are in a dollar
There are 15 people, each car holds five people how many cars are needed.
What is 4000 divided by 10
What is 6 divided by 3
What is a straight angle
What is 100 divided by 10
If your have 12 quarter pound sandwiches, how many pounds do you have.
What is 5222 divided by 2
A bushel of apples is 44 apples, there are 11 students in my room, how many apples can each get.
My house is two stories high and each story is 12 ft high, how high is my house
What is 5 times 12
How many inches are in a foot
What is 5 times seven
Bill is 48 inches tall, how many feet tall is he.
What is 500 plus 200
Tampa is 60 miles away, how long will it take to arrive driving 60 miles per hour
There are twenty oz in a normal drink. if you have two how many oz are there.