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George Washington Trivia

His nickname was the ____ of our country
This man was the runner up to George in the elections
How many siblings did he have growing up?
How many terms did he serve?
He led the ___________ army during the revolutionary war
He wrote more of these then any other president.
George served in the house of _________
Being that he served two terms, how many years was he in the office?
He led America to victory in the ____________ war
The first name of his mother
This skill made him a paid surveyor by age 16.
He died on ________ 14th, 1799
He died at his home called Mount ______
The first name of George`s father
The month George washington was elected president
Did George Washington have a middle name?
Physicians today believe he possibly died from what illness?
He was born in ____________ county
Although George excelled in mathematics, what subject did he not excel in?
How many natural children did George have