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Renaissance and Reformation Crossword

Those who "protested" against church abuses were given this name
This act brought not only valuable goods to Europe, but also brought ideas that were incorporated into the Renaissance
An ideal society, proposed by Sir Thomas More, where justice would serve all and greed and corruption would be gone
Renaissance artist who sculpted "David" and painted the Sistine Chapel
The Renaissance that took place in France, Belgium and Germany is known as the (Two Words)
The word "renaissance" means this:
Famous patrons of the arts; one of the wealthiest families in Renaissance Italy
The ________are subjects like Rhetoric, Art, History and Poetry
Italian City-state where the Renaissance began
A paper sold by the Catholic Church that would grant you access to heaven
Priest who set up shop in Wittenburg, Germany, offering to sell access to heaven.
This German monk created a crisis when he wrote his 95 complaints against the Catholic Church
Invention that allowed the complaints against the Catholic Church to be viewed by thousands; arguably one of the greatest inventions of all time (two words)
The pope who ordered the creation of St. Peter's Basiica
The idea that Human life has value-first proposed by Petrarch
Wrote a book called "The Prince" where he discussed the art of manipulating the masses
Albrecht Drurer created a new way to create art that involved using acid to etch designs on metal plates; this is called:
Before it was translated into the local language, almost all Bibles were written in this language, which almost nobody spoke