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1st grade part 1

Scripps Spelling Bee list
What people do to get money
How I plant my pumpkins (or corn)
I'm bigger than a bush and you can climb me (if your Mommy lets)
I watch you with binoculars
My pencil makes these when it jumps
I carry lots of people on the street
Instead of carpet, in the kitchen
You listen with these
You probably want three of these a day
Pointy things to throw at a target
Where a bird lives
You have two, and your last one is the same as your Mom's
Very small
You'll need to find me
It hurt, so I ...
Not yes, but not no
You carry things in one, or a detective solves one
If you're indoors, you're standing in one
Use me to fill a scarecrow, or drink your soda
What I did to the bell to tell you I was here
My clothes are the right size
Point something at something
Ride on me to cross the ocean (slowly)
Can't live without