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1st grade part 2

Scripps Spelling Bee list
People like this don't try new foods
Not closed
This is better on bread
I like to do this to food, but don't talk while I'm doing it
Not so tiny, but not big
Stand on me to give a speech
Fix your hair
I was doing this to plant my squash
Not happily
Where I go when I'm too dirty to take a shower
Do this to your hands when you come in from outside
Another word for begin
Big, or wonderful, rhymes with 8
I have these in my hands, and my arms, and my feet, and my legs, and my body, and my head
Before second
Have you done this to your Mommy yet today?
Animals have these on their fingers
A scary thing that might live under my bed
This is a ___word puzzle
Someone left me on the beach for you to find
Hot rock that comes out of volcanoes
How I like my pencils
This goes with water to make my Mommy happy
Where I walk in a park