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1st grade part 3

Scripps Spelling Bee list
How I measure a long walk, or a journey
Parts of a book
What things do on top of water
You watch me to find out what happened today
What I say when I have nothing to do
If you break us, you get in trouble
How I know it's a boy lion
The opposite of softly, but only a little!
Girls do this to their hair
Where I bend my arm
Eat me!
A car I pay to ride in
Where one bakes a cake
My Mommy does this to my clothes to keep them looking nice
Food between meals
Wheat, barley, and oats all have these
Plants that look like fans
Where two walls meet
I don't want my hand like this in a hole
How I am during the day
An animal that flies with its feathers
I smell, and you have one
What I do to my clothes
Another word for street
I grow up the walls of houses