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1st grade part 4

Scripps Spelling Bee list
Where bees live
I have one on each hand
An animal with 8 legs
Where I play when I want to pretend I'm at the beach
An elephant has two of these
Quick, fast, speedy
An old-thinking person, rhymes with buddy
No one in particular, just...
Where the ocean ends
Why I go to the store
A piece of a tree
I wear these on my body
When I was small, my Mommy pushed me in this
Some children have two of these, some live with one
Smaller than a rat, and squeaks
Sometimes happy, sometimes grouchy
The man on a ship who watches for danger
Where I look for snacks
Can't settle down
The scenery at the back of a stage is painted on a...
Big pieces of paper on a wall that tell me things
Nice grass in front of my house
What you do when you bug me
A shorter word for opportunity
Pictures, models, drawing, and paintings are all...