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3rd grade part 1

Scripps Spelling Bee list
Someone who cleans up
An unkind smile
Not quite old, but nearly
A paper I sign to make a deal
Cool, neat, rhymes with thrifty
Able to be carried
Opposite of adding
Watch, rhymes with nerve
What I carry when it rains
Something that has melted
Things made of clay
Look like people, with tails
A candle in a small glass house that I can carry
A rectangle with equal sides
Not bravely
A hypnotist puts someone in a...
Another word for string, rhymes with mine
Amazing, starts with one and ends with full
A rich person's house might be in the middle of his...
I stop doing this before my cup overflows
The last moment to get something done
Animal that likes small insects that live in nests
What I am fated to do, or become
The room a painter does his painting
Something I believe